When it comes to industrial doors, there are many options for garage doors. For example, Hormann produces both manual and motorized garage doors. Depending on the need, these doors can be made from wood, metal, or painted surfaces. They can come with integrated portillons, various types of vitrages, or even a push button for control. For additional security, the door can be equipped with a digital reader or clavier a code. For more related articles visit portes sectionnelles industrie et habitat

AB Fermetures Industrie & Habitat

AB Fermetures Industrie & Hutat is a family business which employs over twelve people. The company moved premises in the Zone Industrielle of Longvic. Their new premises are light and comfortable and feature a showroom of 150 square meters. You can explore their range of products and receive a 15% discount on the whole range. They are committed to making their customers' lives better, from the moment they visit.

The company has celebrated its 10th anniversary this year by moving into new facilities. In these new premises, they continue to serve a wide range of clients. In addition to sectional doors, the company also installs souples doors, portails, and rideaux metallic doors. Their range of products also includes gates, quais equipment, and a vast range of colors and materials. To find out more, visit their website.


Whether you want to secure your garage or need to improve security in general, sectional garage doors are the perfect choice. Made in France and available in a wide range of sizes, sectional garage doors from Epsilon offer professional and high-quality performance. Read on for more information about this French manufacturer. We have listed some of the benefits of sectional garage doors and how they can help you secure your commercial premises.

The main advantage of sectional doors is that they can be installed vertically, thus allowing you to gain additional space. You can place the different sections of the door beneath the ceiling, above the bay or following the toit's inclination. The range of sectionnelles available from Epsilon includes certified security and various materials. The compact series empilates different panels vertically, and is particularly advantageous in halls with glass facades and a lumineuse.

SAFIR Cristal

SAFIR Cristal doors are a combination of galvanized steel and polyurethane foam. This luminous material is especially appreciated for agro-alimentary environments, garages, and concessions. These shutters have a wide range of features, including numerous materials such as polycarbonate and PMMA. They provide the utmost security and acoustic properties for both interior and exterior spaces.

SAFIR offers two main ranges of products for a wide range of applications, including industrial and residential garages. These doors offer the same benefits as industrial ones, while giving the client the freedom to express his or her individuality and design preferences. These products are produced in France and are available for purchase in France. SAFIR acquired the Della Vecchia company in 2014 and has two production sites located in France.

SAFIR Cristal pleine vue

SAFIR Cristal shutters feature polyurethane foam and galvanized steel construction. They are especially appreciated in commercial and industrial environments such as garages and concessions. Several elements are used in their manufacture, such as PMMA and polycarbonate. Various materials are available, including steel, aluminum, and polycarbonate. Choosing one will depend on the purpose and the environment.

Epsilon commerciales

If your need for a sectional door is industrial in nature, you may want to explore the Epsilon industrial doors. These sectional doors are designed to withstand the rigors of heavy industrial applications. These doors can accommodate a wide range of enclosing systems and can help you achieve the desired level of thermal efficiency. They also provide durability and architectural inspiration.

Commercial garage doors are necessary for many different vertical industries and businesses. Garage commerciale doors from Epsilon technologies can be installed in almost any industry or vertical sector. From concessionnaire automobile dealerships to industrial manufacturing plants, Epsilon offers a range of doors to meet all needs. From sectional garage doors to roller-coated commercial garage doors, they can protect any type of property and ensure maximum security.