After it is finished then take two bronze bars and the log. Then carve the log into "Pistol stock" and OSRS Gold then hammer the bars into the "Bronze Barrels". Then use them on each the other. Talk to Bill and he'll be impressed by your work before teaching you how to create Rune powder. You can create "Air Powder" by using a pestle & mortar to crush an air rune. Bill will inform you that the air powder fires air essence at enemys however, the elemental runes require at least 40 magic to fire. (All information to follow)

He then asks that you take four different powders of elements and hand the powders to him. When you've got the powders, he will demonstrate how to fire the gun. Just right-click on it and press the button. Use the powder on it, 3 will be added into the gun. You will fire 3 shots at a dart speed while you hold the gun. Unload the pistol and reload it. Continue.

It is suggested to complete it on the dummys. Every damage point you earn provides you with) 0.5 magic exp. Quest Complete Option to upgrade Pistols from Rune. Ability to make Rune Powders (Requires the appropriate level of runecrafting) The ability to operate pistols (requires attaks of the appropriate levels) 50 air powder 10 body powder

The pistols are designed to let mages kill monsters easily and cheaply, not for exp but by carrying 2 around in your bag, it's an extremely efficient method to pke. It also permits different shots that are a novel method of pking. Each pistol has 3 shots, and must be unloaded and Buy RS3 Gold then reloaded. It can also hit at a speed of darts so that mage characters can be killed.