Nah chief. I'm putting all my money into mt nba 2k21 next gen. I already know the present gen is not gonna be anything great, and the simple fact that rep doesn't carry over was the nail in the coffin.

 Comparing 19 and 20, the MyPlayer builder was distinct and also the badge allocation was different. The area was a copy-and-paste though. 20 and 21 are almost the same (current gen) therefore that I won't be spending it.

 2k sub is pissed with this rating lmaooo sorry you did not watch dame have among his finest seasons and torch the bubble.Totally I feel like everyone should understand that Steph coming back from a year away, after a significant injury is not going to be precisely the exact same for sure! And dame is peak nonetheless indeed!

 I wouldn't call a broken hand a significant injury to be fair. I expect steph to come back full speed and recover his status as second best point guard in the league very fast

 Steph is coming off a long injury and in 32 he's likely already hit on his ceiling. Dame literally travelled Supernova this year and can be peaking in his prime at 30.

  They have like a 100 cameras that click a gamers photo in a room from every angle which is buy nba 2k21 mt then digitally altered. Bro thats exactly what makes me soooo unhappy about 2k. The center of the game is SUPER FUN. The images are getting lifelike. But they add as much stuff that simply muddles the match.