A benchtop Laminar Flow Hood/Cabinet is an enclosed workstation that uses filters to catch all particles entering the cabinet, resulting in a contamination-free work environment. Some of the components of Laminar Flow Hood are as follows.


The cabinet is composed of stainless steel and has few or no gaps or cracks, which prevents spores from accumulating. The cabinet insulates and protects the laminar flow's internal environment from the outside. The front of the cabinet has a glass shield that opens completely or has two apertures for the user's hands to enter the cabinet in some laminar cabinets.

Filter pad/Pre-filter

On the top of the cabinet, there is a filter pad through which air enters. The filter pad keeps dust and microorganisms out of the cabinet's operating environment.

Working Station

All of the processes will take place on a flat working station within the cabinet. The working station where the operation takes place is equipped with culture plates, burners, and loops. To prevent rusting, the worktop is composed of stainless steel.

HEPA Filter

Within the cabinet, there is a high-efficiency particle air filter, which helps to keep the working area sterile. Fungi, germs, and other dust particles are trapped as the pre-filtered air travels through the filter. The filter keeps the cabinet sterile, lowering the risk of contamination.

UV Lamp

A UV germicidal lamp may be included in some Benchtop Laminar Flow Hood, which sterilizes the cabinet interior and contents before the procedure. To prevent UV exposure to the user's body surface, the UV lamp should be turned on 15 minutes before the procedure.

Working or Principle of Laminar flow hood

The working of a laminar flow cabinet includes the air flow through the cabinet in a laminar pattern. To provide a particulate-free atmosphere, the device uses an inward air flow that passes through a single or multiple HEPA filters.

As part of the laminar flow of the air, the air is filtered and then expelled across the work surface. The air travels via a filter pad or pre-filter before entering the cabinet, allowing for a more efficient flow of air. The air is then directed to the HEPA filters by a blower or fan.

Original Source: https://globallabsupply.blogspot.com/2022/05/benchtop-laminar-flow-hood-components.htm