Mount Litera Zee School, East Bangalore has a proven curriculum developed by both NCERT and CBSE the country’s best educational systems of the age. Our aim is to provide the essential academic, social and physical skills that a child needs in this challenging world. It ensures a positive, safe, nurturing environment to enhance learning by establishing and maintaining a high level of academic and behavioural expectations. Our curriculum concerns itself with the overall development of a child. While encouraging positive individual characteristics, it promotes a child’s responsibility, co-operation, creativity, respect for individuality and equality. The students of the school not only have high academic standards but also a high behavioural standard.

Curriculum Philosophy



Is that education should promote thinking and creativity rather than attaining bookish knowledge. We believe that young generation will do wonders if education motivates them explore their mind instead of relying on memory. Our learning is primarily based on the inquisitive attitude of the children. We are nurturing the curiosity and creativity of students encouraging them to take intellectual risks and developing critical and independent thinking with emphasis on play-way methods.