Understanding the marketing landscape is crucial to your success if you're already an author or writing a book and are soon to become one. A range of book marketing services can help, some with more lasting value than others. Content marketing is one trend that began several years ago and continues to gain steam. If you're a nonfiction writer, contributing content (articles) to online and print media can be an excellent publicity opportunity. It connects you naturally with new audiences, and you can add your book title or website url to your writer's bio at the end; it's a book PR slam-dunk.

Another trend here to stay is the need for authors to have a planned and integrated online presence. It begins with a personal website and blog and extends to social media and book and author pages on bookselling websites. Each must be complete, well done, populated with the required keywords, and user-friendly. All are necessary to sell books, attract search engines, and engage with prospective readers who can become book buyers. If you're busy or handling it yourself seems like a challenge, investigate an agency that can help. You'll see better results when it's well-coordinated.

If you're trying to decide on the optimal path to publishing your book, traditional or independent, we don't need to tell you about the boom in self-publishing. But what is a trend is the stigma to it falling more by the wayside each year. Book buyers and the media are interested in quality content – entertaining novels and helpful nonfiction titles. If you write and publish one to high standards, it stands an excellent chance of success. Also, many business professionals are writing books to promote themselves and their businesses. It's a reliable way to become a respected thought leader.

Lower-cost quick-start book publicity programs also continue to grow in popularity. They are attractive to independently published authors working on tighter budgets and can help build visibility and make a book more discoverable by its target audience. You receive support from a professional publicist at your book launch and receive advice about how you can continue with PR going forward. It takes both media coverage and a well-coordinated online publicity campaign to create the buzz your book needs. The competition today is fierce, and you need to meet the challenge. It's gratifying when your book sells.