Oftenly we find in our office environment where Executive Office Chairs are taken into purchase ensuring the comfort and relaxation of the employees however after a matter of time it is seen that the chair is sinking deep into which makes the whole fit very saggy and very uncomfortable. Thus, people opt for Mesh Chairs, however, the cushioning of Mesh Chair still lags behind the Executive Office Chairs such as the Ergonomic chairs. However, still after spending thousands one witnesses that the chair is not able to stay up for a long period of time.


A sinking chair does not always showcase that the whole chair is bad, but indeed the seating and cushioning of the chair is very bad where the reason lies that the office chair cylinder has now lost its lift and the office chair cylinder of the chair mainly connects that whole base of the chair to the seat. It is this path which allows one to adjust the chair push up and down and also inside the chair cylinder there is Nitrogen gas filled which lets you lift the chair level where switching chambers are made inside the cylinder which allow you to move the chair up and down. Hence, after a span of time when you overuse the chair the seal in the cylinder present starts to leak out making the whole chair to leak. Now, there are some cheap fixes which are just temporary and not with professional touch via which you can fix your chair.


One of the most known DIY hacks is to use a hose clamp with a duct tape where this option cannot actually fix your chair but can stop the sinking process in a more temporary term. The hose clamp should be of size 20 at least which can be placed around the cylinder’s piston present at a sincere height which can also act as a major to stop the sinking process. The duct tape is also thus used to help the clamp area prevent sliding where only the process may work for a few days and then it will gradually slide again. Thus, again your chair will start sinking but this can only be a temporary solution with no use on the professional term.

Another option which is again temporary and cheap is using a plastic space or a PVC pipe where the plastic spacer can be cut down till the center and can be wrapped around the cylinder which can stop the air pass with no height adjustment also to be required. One of the downsides is that the plastic can easily crack or break at any point while sitting, thus this is also a temporary treatment. For the long run, if you observe the sinking, quickly opt for a better quality ergonomic chair which is rigid and durable in nature for a long period of time.


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