If you have a disease ridden, dead, or problematic tree on your estate, you should remove this before it causes significant damage. Most property owners know very little about safe tree removal. Many factors are in play, and there are many methods for removing a tree, each of which necessitates the use of specialized tools and facilities.


When going to look for tree removalists, don't settle for the first company that pops up in an online search. This is a highly specialized line of work. The same is true when it comes to hiring a tree removal Northern Beaches company.

Is Tree Removal Required?

Take this into consideration when deciding to choose whether or not cut down a tree on your property:

  • Is the tree infected, dead, or otherwise damaged?

It is best to have such trees removed because they can be dangerous to you, your home, and other shrubs and plants nearby.

  • Is it in close proximity to your house or other structures?

Trees should be kept a safe distance away from your home and other structures on your property to avoid damage in the event of a storm.

  • Is the area suffocating?

If your property is overgrown with haphazardly planted trees, tree removal may be necessary to allow the remaining trees to thrive.

  • Is the tree hazardously leaning?

In such cases, be sure to have a competent arborist inspect the tree's position and condition to ensure it isn't in danger of falling.

Concentrate on the Details

Because everyone's needs are different, you should ask a lot of questions before hiring someone to cut or remove trees for you. For instance, inquire about the following:

  • Pricing – This is a big deal, and how a company charges for its services is determined by a variety of factors. Some companies charge hourly rates while others charge based on tree height.
  • What's Included in the Package? – Always inquire about the scope of your tree removal or cutting provider. Some companies will come to your home and cut down your tree, chop its trunk into manageable portions, and even haul it away for you. Others will leave the trunk where it would be, leaving you to deal with it on your own.
  • Extras – It's usually worth it to pay a little extra for extra work. A company may, for example, offer a cheaper rate to keep grinding a tree stump after it has been cut down. This is something you'll almost certainly should do afterward, and you might be able to save costs by doing it all at once.

Verify Qualifications

It's simple for someone to purchase a small amount of equipment and advertise themselves as a tree-trimming expert. You must stick with known firms and hire a company with a proven track record to ensure that you receive the best possible service.


Check if the tree removal Prestons company is licensed and insured. There are many trustworthy, seasoned companies out there, but there are also many dishonest ones, so never take a company's word for it.