The investigation of Detective. Your task is to RS gold show that your client isn't in the wrong for the accusations against them. You could be accused of theft, burglary fraud, burglary, or murder. In just a few minutes, you'll need to gather evidence to prove that you are not guilty.

Start location: Seer's Village Court House. Speak to the person in jail. The King's ransom, the requirements and wanted. Talk with one of the accusers in jail to begin. They will inform you that they need an attorney. If you accept to be an attorney, they will explain what they charged you with and the location. Request one of the guards to accompany you to the location the location where the crime took place. The evidence could range from broken windows to small fingerprints.

It is important to remember the charges that the client is being accused of in order to collect evidence. If it's Burglary, it would be at your home. If it was theft, the evidence will be taken to an open place. If it was fraud, it could be in the public or at your own home. Scamming is usually located in a difficult-to-find area, such as the trapdoor. If the crime was murder the murder could have occurred in a public space, or a hidden place. It is possible to look for clues like damaged windows, notes, or hidden trapdoors, or even disguises. Fingerprints could also be a possibility. If you believe you've collected sufficient evidence, you may go back to the court.

Reproving guilt for your clients: In order to buy OSRS gold prove your client innocent, the client must appear in the court at all times. Do not change the facts, but be sure you know the motive behind it and who was responsible. The evidence you collect could be crucial in the courtroom.