With the holiday season around the corner, people are making plans to have a great vacation this year. As exciting as the holiday sounds, it is exhausting for some people. Maybe, you don’t get along with your family, so spending a vacation with them seems like a challenge. Maybe, you are experiencing a financial or relationship problem that keeps your mind occupied all the time. Surprisingly, many people join the depression rehab center in Pune after returning from a great holiday.

That’s because people tend to develop compulsive behaviors that have detrimental effects on their mental and physical health. You start doing the same things repetitively. It doesn’t look like a big deal initially. However, it’s only a matter of time before your compulsive behavior turns into a serious mental health issue. Here are 5 such compulsive behaviors people experience during holidays.

  1. Overthinking

Holidays are supposed to be relaxing. However, that doesn’t go well for everyone. People indulge in compulsive overthinking, a mental health disorder in which you think about traumatic events, your past & future, current relationships, career, and other aspects. It gets to a point where you find it hard to spend a moment without worrying about your personal and professional life.

  1. People Pleasing

Have you ever done something terrible just to please your loved ones, colleagues, and others? While it’s true that everyone needs support from others, it shouldn’t reach a point where you live to please others. You don’t need people’s validation. But, if you have started pleasing people more now than ever, it’s a sign you have developed a compulsive disorder.

  1. Self-depreciation

A simple trick to living a healthy and happy life is to be content with what we have and focus on the positives. That’s the opposite for people with compulsive disorders. You set standards for yourself and feel dissatisfied when you are unable to achieve them. It’s absolutely normal to see growth in some areas of your life and failures in others. However, if you only focus on the negatives, there might be a problem.

  1. Overspending

Overspending is a compulsive disorder that many people experience during the holidays. Those attractive offers and discounted deals seem too good to be missed. People with compulsive overspending disorder get a dopamine hit when they buy something or spend on holidays and other events. Their confidence and sense of self-worth depend on how much they spend.

  1. Substance Abuse

Drinking wine has become a new standard for millennials and gen-z people today. People are most likely to return home drunk from parties and get-togethers. However, drinking can become a problem when you develop an unhealthy addiction. There is a difference between drinking on special occasions and compulsive drinking. You find excuses, such as staying at the club for a bit longer, just to drink more. Some people develop this compulsive behavior during holidays. For others, the alcohol addiction becomes more intense during this time. If you are also struggling with substance abuse, enroll in a rehabilitation center in Pune for a customized treatment plan.