As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, it's still unclear when we'll be able to gather in large groups. Many people are looking for alternative ways to stay connected and continue doing business, leading to a surge in virtual events.
So how do you choose the best virtual event platform for your business? Here are some of the things you should look out for:
Customizable interfaces: having the ability to customize your interface is important as each event might have different needs. For example, if you're planning on showcasing various presentations during your conference, then being able to customize the layout and design of your presentation will ensure that you get the results you need from your virtual environment;
Interactive features: Virtual events aren't as captivating as live ones, so it's essential that your Immersive VR platform includes interactive features that encourage engagement and participation. Online polls, Q&A sessions with speakers, live chat rooms, and video breakout sessions all make events more engaging.
Ease of use: The last thing you want is for your attendees to have a hard time logging into the event or experiencing technical difficulties during the event itself. Make sure any virtual event platform you choose has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for attendees to access and navigate the event.
Knowledge sharing: This feature will allow you to share information with attendees in real-time, allowing them to interact with one another in a way that feels natural like an actual networking event would
Virtual gatherings: This is where attendees can meet up and talk.
When it comes to the best virtual event platform, NextMeet® is the winner. NextMeet® Immersive VR platform offers features like-
  • Virtual Reality technology built-in
  • Virtual hand-raising tools
  • Interactive video conferencing capabilities
  • HD Quality live streaming on any device
  • Easy to use UI/UX
  • Engagement tools to keep the audience engaged throughout the session
  • Live Streaming
  • On-Demand Streaming
  • Live Chat
  • Cloud Storage
  • Moderator Access and Control
  • Customizable User Interface
  • One-Click To Go Live
NextMeet® is the only virtual event platform you need to organize effective and impactful meetings.