This is the most wonderful moment of the year: Women's history month! In order to commemorate International Women's day on March 8, we express our support to our female compatriots and put our money where we say (really!), And highlight some incredible beauty brands owned by women.

After all, the impact of female business owners on the economy can't be more obvious: a recent U.S. census found that female owned businesses reached almost $1.8 trillion in sales, shipments, income or income. They are also responsible for paying $388.1 billion to 10.1 million employees.

However, it is not easy to get here. About 34 years ago, women needed a male relative to sign a business loan until President Reagan signed the 1988 women's business ownership act into federal law. Although things are not perfect - female entrepreneurs must have experienced gender bias and Pregnancy Discrimination - we want to focus on inspiring beauty bosses.

We studied different types of female founders, including black owned beauty brands, AAPI women, and entrepreneurs who reported sales that strengthened their networks and made them billionaires. From protective mineral sunscreen to the best pubic hair oil, take a look at the beauty brands owned by the top five women. We will shop all month!

KNC beauty

Founder Christine Noel Crowley has always been interested in delicate lips, so when she realized that there was no natural lip mask on the market, she made it herself. Now, she has created the world's first all natural collagen lip makeup, and her brand has completely become the main product of every famous pout in Hollywood (they were even called out by Beyonc é in 2020).

Cosmetics indicating "status"

Creators kJ Miller and Amanda E. Johnson wanted to create the perfect nude lipstick for everyone. So they decided to do it themselves instead of waiting for another brand to create it. Today, the brand has launched a full range of lipstick, bronze cosmetics and more products matching a variety of skin colors, making it one of the first brands to put inclusiveness at the forefront of the trend.

Shining cosmetics

If you like vibrant colors and the creation of the universe, this upcoming beauty products brand should be your first choice. Founded in the UK by Natalie Chapple, the brand attracts a group of girls on instagram who just want to have fun with their makeup.

The beauty of lysine

Lys beauty is the first cleaning and makeup brand owned by black and sold in Sephora. Tisha Thompson, the founder, is a makeup artist with 15 years of experience. She sells some of our favorite inclusive skin tone products - such as her liquid foundation make-up (with 35 colors to choose from), cream powder Blusher and bronze makeup that is deep enough. Our favorite part of Lys beauty? Everything is no more than $22!


Lauren berlingeri is a qualified holistic nutritionist and health coach, and Katie Kaps is a startup executive and entrepreneur. They hope to help improve your beauty routine at home through a series of health products and accessories with technology as the core. They do everything from dry brushes and compact PEMF mats to their signature product: infrared blankets. (even Lady Gaga and lea Michele trust higherdose's ultra luxurious infrared sauna care very much!) The founder also invented an LED facial mask, which can help reduce signs of aging, reduce redness, and make your face glow in just 10 minutes.