The MZLH series  industrial sawdust pellet maker released by Richi  Equipment is independently  created,  created  as well as  produced by our  firm. It has a  special appearance, more  practical structure  as well as  security. Palm fiber  and also other materials.

1.  Benefits of  industrial sawdust pellet machine

( 1)  Transmission: Continuing the gearbox  benefit of our  business's third-generation  level die commercial sawdust pellet  device, it  takes on high-precision gear transmission  and also is  outfitted with an automatic hydraulic oil circulation system, which  makes certain the service life of the  transmission  and also the  functioning stability of the  industrial sawdust pellet machine.

( 2) Motor: 8-level motor, working  up and down, its  exceptional  attribute is that the mounting hole is centered on the  outcome shaft, and the circumference is equidistantly distributed, which makes the  device run with  higher power  and also  security.

( 3) Fan system: It is located on one side of the  functioning bin of the  business sawdust pellet  device machine,  as well as its  functioning time can be  openly  regulated. Its  primary  feature is to  assist the  functioning bin of the pellet  maker to  eliminate  dirt  as well as discharge steam.

( 4) Workpiece part: The die and  stress roller are made of alloy steel. The heat treatment  procedure is independently completed by our  business. The  solidity can  get to 52 or more, which not only  makes sure the granulation  impact, but  additionally  improves the  life span. The working  approach is  squeezing out from the  within to the outside.  Mix of centrifugal force and extrusion force  boosts the output while  making certain the  firmness  as well as density of the pellets. The unique  layout of 3-8 pressing rollers  enhances the extrusion  regularity  as well as  raises the  outcome. The  industrial sawdust pellet  equipment mold is designed with a "double layer". The  exact same  opening  size can be  consumed  as well as  to  boost the  life span of the  work surface,  as well as two kinds of molds with  various hole  sizes can be used, which saves the cost of purchasing  extra  mold and mildews to make pellets of  various sizes.

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( 5) Automatic oil filling system for  stress rollers: The refueling time  and also working time can be  openly  regulated,  and also the refueling  regularity can be  openly  readjusted according to the  functioning time,  to ensure that the  maker can  function without stopping for 24 hours, and avoid the time  and also labor  expense of stopping  as well as refueling.  Considerably  boosted  job efficiency.

2. Complete  collection commercial sawdust pellet  device  assembly line

Complete  collection of biomass commercial sawdust pellet  device  devices,  consisting of coarse crushing,  great crushing,  drying out,  communicating, granulating,  training, cooling,  testing, dust  elimination, packaging and  electrical control, etc. The  procedure flow is  continual  as well as  affordable, the  efficiency of each  solitary  maker is  great, the  procedure Displayed by the electric control  cupboard. The  system has  small structure,  tiny footprint, low energy  usage  and also high  effectiveness. Each  device of the  device can be  developed  and also  created according to  consumer requirements,  and also  expert  service technicians will  offer on-site  setup  advice.

( 1) Tumble  clothes dryer

The drum of the tumble  clothes dryer is a slightly inclined  and also revolvable  cyndrical tube. The  damp  product enters from the  top part of one end,  as well as the  completely dry material is collected from the lower part of the  various other end. The hot air enters from the feed end or the discharge end,  and also is discharged from the upper part of the  various other end. The water evaporation  capability of the  rotating drum  clothes dryer is  normally 30-80kg/ m3 · h; it  boosts with the increase of the hot air temperature  as well as  modifications with the  wetness  residential properties of the material. The  tools runs smoothly and  dependably, has no wearing  components, has  couple of  failings and has a  lengthy  life span, and is  commonly  utilized in  different drying industries. This equipment is  made use of in the front section of the  business sawdust pellet machine.

① From the raw material  kind, it can  dry out free-flowing powder, granule, flake, fiber and  various other  products.

② From the  extent of application of materials, it is  commonly  made use of in drying of biomass energy, mineral  items,  constructing  products, chemical  items, compound  plant food, organic powder, feed,  a glass of wine  storage tank, starch residue, corn residue, bean residue,  and so on ③ From the mechanism of the drum dryer, it can be  split  right into  straight, indirect heating,  air flow pipe  home heating, steam pipe indirect  home heating, compound  home heating and other structural  types.

④ From the  drying out temperature, it can be selected from the range of 60 ℃ -600 ℃. In principle, the higher the  temperature level, the higher the  dissipation intensity.

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( 2) Drum wood chipper

Drum chipper is a special  devices for  generating  timber chips. It is  extensively  made use of in the  product  prep work section of  commercial  manufacturing such as particleboard, fibreboard  as well as paper mills,  in addition to in  timber chip  manufacturing plants. The  little drum base-free chipper is also  the very best  tools for the  prep work of raw materials in the factory  lab. The cutting  basic materials of the drum chipper are mainly  timber harvesting  deposits (tree stalks, branches, etc)  as well as  timber  basic material  handling residues (board skin, slats, round wood core, waste veneer, etc),  and also can also be used to  reduce non-wooden  timber  Basic material (such as  dried out  walking cane, reed, bamboo,  and so on). This  devices is used in the front section of the  business sawdust pellet  equipment.

BX  collection drum-type foundation-free chipper has  portable  as well as reasonable structure,  simple  procedure, high production  capability,  broad adaptability of raw materials,  top quality of wood chips,  security  as well as  dependability,  as well as  practical maintenance. It is a relatively  sophisticated chipper in China.  Clients save time  and also  conserve upfront capital investment.

( 3) Multifunctional Hammer Mill

 Efficiency characteristics: The wind output pulverizer is a  brand-new  kind of pulverizing equipment. It is  made use of for one-time pulverization of various grains,  plant straw, straw, alfalfa, peanut shells, peanut  seed startings, cottonseed skins,  and so on. This  tools is used in the front  area of the  industrial sawdust pellet  maker.

This  collection has reasonable  framework, sturdy  as well as durable,  risk-free  as well as  reputable,  very easy to  run,  little  resonance, high  effectiveness and  reduced energy consumption. There are  7 models of this  sort of  equipment for  customers to  pick from. All  components are made of  premium  products, and the  bought  components are  made from  the very best domestic  items. The  high quality of  the entire  equipment is reliable  and also durable.

( 4) Counter-flow cooling separator

The cooling separator is a combination of  cooling down  tools  and also screening  devices. The air-cooled  colder is  simple to  set up and has  reduced  operating expense. It  appropriates for  areas where water  sources  want; it can be  utilized in  heat, high humidity and  dirty  atmospheres. This equipment is used in the front section of the  industrial sawdust pellet  maker

Air-cooled cooler  attributes: simple  framework, small  dimension,  lightweight,  tiny thermal resistance,  big  warmth exchange  location, etc. The screening  device is a device that  separates the  product  right into  various grades.  Making use of the  family member motion of the bulk  product  as well as the  display surface, the one-time  disintegration of the  ended up pellets  as well as a small amount of unshaped pellets is completed, which is convenient for the later work of the  product packaging machine.

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( 5 ) Measurable packaging machine.

The intelligent control  measurable  automated  product packaging machine  appropriates for open pocket quantitative packaging of powder  and also granular  products. It is widely used in granular, grain, food, light  market, plastics, building materials, chemical  as well as other industries. This  tools is  utilized in the front  area of the  industrial sawdust pellet machine.

In addition to manual bagging, this product  embraces  automated control of  rapid  and also  sluggish feeding, quantitative, bag  securing  as well as bag unloading. The instrument  recognizes fast  as well as slow feeding  quantity, setting of control  criteria  and also out-of-tolerance alarm  display screen; weight accumulation, and can be equipped with  automated  hard copy. The  devices has the  qualities of  quick  considering speed, high accuracy,  excellent  security  and also  simple operation.

( 6) Belt conveyor
The belt conveyor is driven by a speed-regulating motor, the  rate is 125-1250 rpm,  and also the feeding is  readjusted  equally according to the granulation  scenario of the commercial sawdust pellet  device.

( 7) Screw conveyor
Screw conveyor, driven by frequency conversion motor,  turning  rate is 12-240 rpm, according to the granulation  circumstance of the commercial sawdust pellet  equipment, it can  change the feeding  equally.

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