We all know that the Vanilla Beans are the most expensive spices in the whole world and the reason is, they are highly labour-intensive to produce. The flowers of this plant are pollinated by hand and the bean pods are then ripened, dried, and conditioned so as to develop the distinctive flavor and aroma for which they are known for. Vanilla Beans for Extract are used to squeeze out this flavour and then are used in several dishes. The natural extract is made from the pods of the plant, which one can commonly find in the tropical areas of the world, which is widely used to flavor not just foods and beverages, but is also used in medicines and fragrances as well.

What this extract is?

If you are a baking lover and have baked cakes and cookies, you have probably  used one very essential ingredient without which your baking is incomplete. It is vanilla extract. This is an ingredient which is used in almost every baked product, the reason being its fabulous taste which it adds to the dishes where it is used. Another dish where the extract is very commonly used are the desserts. Adding to dessert not just adds more flavor to it, but another advantage of using it is, it helps to pull out the flavours of other ingredients in the mixture.

Which one is better- imitation or the pure vanilla?

When the pure Vanilla Beans for Extract are used to extract out the essence, the product that you get is an alcohol-based liquid which contains vanillin in it. This is a compound which is found in vanilla beans which is responsible for giving a distinct flavor. It is a brown-coloured liquid which is available in many brands, where the level of purity varies from brand to brand. The purity depends on how much alcohol, as well as the vanilla bean the liquid contains. The kind of purity people prefer depends on their personal tastes. If someone prefers to have a strong taste of vanilla, then choosing a higher purity level is recommended. While some others may prefer a little toned down taste of vanilla, they will prefer a less strong variety.

Since true vanilla extract is quite expensive and also has a high demand, some alternative to it is also available on the market, which is synthetic vanilla. It is made from wood pulp and coal tar, which are less expensive and can be used as a substitute for the fresh. But while buying synthetic vanilla, one thing that is important to remember is that it does not offer as many health benefits as natural vanilla can.

The various health benefits

Traditional practices all around the world by experts have found that the flavour and aroma of vanilla have a number of wide-ranging therapeutic uses and offer a list of health benefits, including:

Calming effect

Studies prove that vanilla has a calming effect on prematurely born babies. The smell of also lessens crying in newborns. Smelling it can also have a soothing and calming effect on adults too. It can help in reducing their startle reflexes and also provide some relief to those who are suffering from sleep apnea, which is a sleep disorder disease where the breathing process of the person repeatedly stops and starts.

Helps reduce intake of sugar

One can use vanilla extract as an alternative to sugar because it has fewer calories and carbohydrates as compared to that of sugar. A person using vanilla as a sugar substitute can control their high blood glucose levels and this will help him/her to lead a more heart-healthy lifestyle.

Eases toothache

The alcohol content in vanilla extract can help in numbing some tooth pain, and the antioxidants in it may help in providing some healing effects. A few drops of vanilla extract on a cotton ball can be used to apply it to the affected area in the mouth and you can surely get some relief.