Discover A-FOLD's revolutionary prefabricated foldable modular wooden houses: they're affordable, sustainable, durable and build in record time.

The transformation of pre-assembled foldable secluded wooden houses

A-FOLD Houses is an inventive secluded development framework: our pre-assembled foldable wooden houses are reasonable for different applications and could meet any space and spending plan prerequisites. Because of our wooden particular houses we make in a brief time frame and effortlessly an agreeable and quality pre fabricated home in which to reside, which consolidates high utilitarian attributes with the structural worth of Italian plan. Our test as makers of pre-assembled wooden houses is to enhance the pre-assembled fabricating area through savvy plans and cutting edge creation processes.

A-FOLD pre-assembled foldable wooden houses are planned and delivered in Italy because of a long family custom and 30 years of involvement with the field, to the most recent advances and an enthusiasm for nature, continuously ensuring high energy execution, sound protection and sturdiness. The flexibility of our particular houses makes them the ideal answer for long-lasting homes, country estates, crisis lodging if there should arise an occurrence of calamity.

A-FOLD dispatches the new model of pre-assembled wooden house Model C

The A-FOLD pre-assembled wooden house has another structure: the Model C. The moderate plan of this pre-assembled wooden house model answers the difficulties of current residing. Sturdy, adaptable, feasible, and of plan, it doesn't have anything to begrudge the Model T and Model A. A two-story living arrangement that can adjust to any application, from private to business, in a savvy and useful way. modular houses

Similarly as with the other A-FOLD pre-assembled houses models, the choices to browse are:

Subsequent to picking the kind of Model C to fabricate your pre-assembled wooden house, you can pick with which components to finish the house, altering them as indicated by your preferences and your necessities with: gets done, windows, entryways, restroom furniture, innovations and bundles.

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