Trakstar Tractor is the new tractor unit from Gromax Agri Instrumentation Ltd. (in the past called Mahindra Gujarat Tractor Ltd). It's the third tractor whole of the market head Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd. The organization has in addition propelled a scope of coordinative executes beneath the whole Trakmate. Trackstar tractors are high-quality manufacturing tractors. Trackstar manufactured  6 tractor models in India till now. 


The most popular Trakstar Tractor models are trakstar tractor 540 price , trakstar tractor 550 price , trakstar 545 tractor price , trakstar tractor 531 price , trakstar tractor 536 price .

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Trakstar 540 is equipped with a 3-cylinder powerful engine that generates 40 HP.  Its key features are Partial Constant-mesh Transmission, Oil-immersed Brakes, and Mechanical Steering. Trakstar 540 is easy to operate and can be used in more than 30 applications including haulage.