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  • Increased chemical demand
    With the accelerated pace of economic recovery in Asia, the demand is growing, and many suppliers have recently closed their factories. Do you know these chemical suppliers information? In the Asian chemical products market, there is a tight supply of many chemical products, such as polyethylene (PE) and benzene. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) raised the growth forecast of emerging and...
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  • What should you learn about chemistry
    1、 Definition: chemistry is a natural science that studies the composition, structure, properties and change law of substances. 2、 Physical and chemical changes Physical change: a change that does not produce other substances. Chemical changes: changes in other substances. Chemical change is also called chemical reaction. 3、 Physical and chemical properties Physical properties: properties that...
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  • Cold knowledge in chemistry! How many do you know
    There is a lot of surprising knowledge in life.  chemical enriches people's life Chemistry knowledge is so cold that I don't want it! A witty translator Phenol is an organic substance. It has a certain acidity, so it has an alias in English, called carbon acid, which means "carbon acid". When translating this word, people found that the Chinese "carbonic acid" had been used up by the real...
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  • Mit dem autobörse umsteigen senkt sich der preis
    Ein echter erfolg ist der online-autoaustausch dank der ausgezeichneten verbreitung des internet und der breitbandverbindungen. Das bedeutet, dass die regionalen autwerterer und märkte in immer mehr wettbewerb treten müssen, was für die autwergar letztlich einen großen vorteil darstellt. Mit diesem artikel wollen wir sie näher an die kundenauswahl, dienstleistungen und...
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