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  • WooCommerce product bundles
    You can make your store more profitable by creating bundles with WooCommerce bundle. Bundles of products allow your customers to purchase more than one item. The bundles might include simple products, digital products, and variable products. Pricing can either be a fixed price or based on the product. It allows you to set a limit for each product quantity to sell in a  bundle. The bundle...
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  • WooCommerce product addons
    Enhance your Woocommerce store with custom products to increase sales. With WooCommerce product options, you can create custom options to add a field that describes the features of a product. Global options can be created that can be applied to many products and categories. Individual products can be overridden by the global options. Radio buttons and checkboxes can be customized with custom...
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  • WooCommerce registration form
    If your customers sign-up on the website, the WooCommerce register page plugin lets you get additional information. A registration form can contain 14 types of fields that you can add from the backend of the plugin. Each one can be added by dragging and dropping. Default fields can be enabled or disabled from the backend as well. In addition, you can edit the labels of the fields and make...
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  • WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator Plugin
    You can use the WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator Plugin to calculate prices based on product dimensions. Your products will automatically be priced according to their pricing units. Customers can buy products in variable sizes instead of buying them in fixed sizes by adding this plugin to their shopping cart. By entering their unit measurements, customers can find out their exact price....
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  • Facebook Messenger Chatbot for WooCommerce
    Provide automated customer support by engaging customers in predefined queries with WooCommerce Facebook messenger bot. You can set multiple options with replies in form of text, URLs, or postbacks to simplify the conversations. As per Facebook policy, it allows to set up to three postback replies. Chatbot for WooCommerce allows you to send images in initial chat messages to engage customers....
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  • Cart Limit for WooCommerce
    Add cart limitations to control the inventory and quality with WooCommerce quantity manager. Admin can put limitations on the product count or total amount spent by the customer. When the cart limit is reached then it stops customers from adding more products they can only replace products. Customers can only replace the first or last item added to the cart. WooCommerce limit of products allows...
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