I'm a complex, multifaceted, ever evolving human being. These are some of the labels I have collected over the years (although by no means what define me as a person): IT professional, web developer, Real Estate agent, film maker, photographer, traveler, adventurer, Geneticist and, above all, I’m a mother of two on a mission to do my part to change the world for a brighter, better future for my children and the generations to come. This is why I have become a business woman on the Blockchain Ecosytem, where I offer high quality health products and services on the Advanced Medicine Marketplace, a decentralized identity on the Cyber Security exchange and a censorship free platform on the Interactive Medias exchange. Check them out and join me if you don’t want to miss out on the nexgen biz! https://bit.ly/BlockchainEcosystemWelcome https://bit.ly/BE_Healthcare https://bit.ly/IMexFreeContent
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