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  • large inflatable water slide 
    Trampoline bridge is so attract people and its three Inflatable dry slide characteristics cannot leave the relationship.Changing shape.Expand to the surface of the ground amusement way. Compared with land amusement facilities, water amusement is somewhat limited, as the water level of shallow lake in the park, common amusement facilities include motor boats, water roller, leisurely...
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  • inflatable castle with slide
    The weather turns cool, people's passion to travel, slowly recede, scenic spot also became cold, want to attract visitors have to becomes different from looks the same, actually not difficult also, add an inflatable trampoline bridge is very good.Trampoline bridge can raise the level of scenic spot appearance. inflatable floating water park But "appearance level as justice" in this...
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  • Inflatable water park factory
    A bridge can make a scenic spot. Throughout the country each big Jumping castle with slide scenic spot, appeared a variety of the bridge, or seven green stone arch bridge, hangzhou west lake broken bridge, or a poet's poetry fengqiao, or has a thick atmosphere of science and technology of the pier glass.With the story of the bridge from the vision to bring people to a party, also can...
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  • inflatable bounce house with slide 
    Just contact inflatable castles industry newcomers on many issues inflatable amusement park is not very understand, what problem is generally are more care about? We made the following summary.About the use time of the castle, normal operation how long can use: castle when making use of PVC as the material, the material is strong, can withstand sun, suitable for outdoor use. If can...
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  • Inflatable bouncer 
    Business, cost budget and revenue is everyone concern, there are Inflatable mechanical bull a lot of people just need to these two factors can decide whether to start the project. In fact, there are many looks good product was abandoned because of financial problem. But children's castle on the entry requirements is relatively low.Can manufacturer of children's inflatable castles on...
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  •  inflatable amusement park 
    Cold winter day, run in the outdoor amusement equipment is reduced, but inflatable floating water park children's inflatable castle because without being limited by the season can also be seen in a park or square. Some business is good, there are many children playing in the above, some business in general, only scattered a few kids. Daily contact with customers when they found that...
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