Our Viking Jewelry, viking necklaces, and viking rings are forged and hand-finished from a great variety of materials, including steel, pewter, silver, and gold. All of our products are stamped with their metal content and all can be verified in their metal content by jewelers and other professionals in the industry. Some may include precious stone, semi-precious stones, glass beads, amber, or resin. Here at Viking Warrior, we take pride in the quality of our products and do our best to create viking jewelry which can last a lifetime… or longer. We do offer custom works on request and at certain times of the year do offer actual historical, excavated viking jewelry artifacts.
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  • All About Fancy Dress Costumes
    Anyone who takes pride in their appearance will appreciate the novelty of a new garment. Who you're referred to depends on how you dress. As a result, it's crucial to seem presentable at all times. When only the best will do, a fancy outfit can make all the difference. Let's have a look at the items and see what it's about.  Cosplay, or Costuming, is the Art of Creating This term is used...
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  • Tender Love and Care For Your Awesome Jewelries
    You should always bear in mind the idea that you are the main character in your own life's show, just as every play has an introduction, act one, act two, act three, and act four. While not every gift can be as spectacular as the one you give, it can still be unique and special. No need to hide your true self from the world. If you are a lady who places a premium on appearance and...
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  • 3 Reasons To Buy Eco Friendly Outdoor Rugs
    Buying outdoor rugs online is convenient, and an eco-friendly rug is a great option to explore. As more and more people become concerned about the environment, rugs manufactured from recycled polypropylene are gaining popularity. But even if you don't know much about your carbon footprint or eco-friendly items, there are still many reasons why an eco-friendly rug is a fantastic option for the...
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  • Crochet Hat - There's One For Everyone
    Caps and hats are the last touches to an otherwise casual outfit for some folks. Some people feel that their regular wardrobe is lacking without this item. The crocheted cap, however, is a universally-appreciated classic that can be worn by everyone. Small crochet beanie hats are available for infants and can be worn by them for at least 18 months. Crochet hats are a staple accessory for many...
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  • Sell High Buy Low
    Whenever is the best time to go shopping for a new car, wardrobe, or whatever else you need? The way I invest is to sell when prices are high and buy when they drop. What makes the time to buy a house any different now? There is no reason for a first-time buyer who meets the required financial threshold to delay in searching for an affordable house. There are several available, so go look for...
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  • Is Liquidation the Only Answer?
    When a company is having financial difficulties, sometimes liquidation is the only choice. However, before resorting to liquidation, there are alternative options to explore. The success of a firm rescue effort greatly depends on how soon competent guidance is sought. Going into administration is one possibility; it's meant to be a helpful step toward saving a firm by keeping it operational...
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  • Android Tablets Vs. iPad
    It's possible that this year's most heated technological argument will center on whether or not Android tablets or Apple's iPad is the better purchase. Let me sum up the differences and state my position clearly. There are several significant distinctions between the two gadgets – Operating System The operating system is a major differentiator between the two machines. Google's Android...
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  • Jumia and Those Demonic Waist Beads
    Astonishments will continue forever! Soon, not even the devil will be safe from being bought and sold online. After ignoring this odd advertisement for a while, I finally clicked on it. As it turns out, the ad was placed by Jumia, a well-known internet marketing firm, and it was about certain Turkish, African, and Caribbean beads, waistbands, and men beaded bracelets that, if worn, are supposed...
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  • Top 10 Fine Jewelry Gifts
    For many events, a piece of fine jewelry is the ideal present. Fine jewelry is a wonderful present for any occasion, but it is especially appreciated on birthdays, holidays, and at graduation. Jewellery given to a new mother as a "push present" by the father is one of the more modern customs. Find out what we think are the best ten pieces of fine jewelry to give below. Stud Earrings with...
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  • Increase Profits With the Help of LED Open Signs
    Using an LED sign can help your business succeed by increasing its visibility and attracting more customers. Businesses typically employ bright signs, such as neon signs, to attract customers' attention. These are so captivating that onlookers can't help but take a second look. These are memorable promotional strategies because of their simplicity. But there are some distinctions between LED...
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